Training Courses

The Apricot Centre has been been running training course on permaculture, biodynamics and agroforestry for more than 20 years. We use a creative mix of theoretical, interactive and hands on practical training.  We are unique in that our courses run from our site Huxhams Cross Farm, which is in conversion to biodynamic status, it is a demonstration permaculture site and a rare example of farm scale permaculture in action. This enables us to actually show you practical examples on site.   We use a highly skilled and knoweldgeable team of trainers reflecting the huge amount of expertise in the area and often have guest trainers offering exciting and innovative courses.  Please check back throughout the year as new courses are being added.


July 2018

13/07/18 - 15/07/18

Water and the Agricultural Organism with Simon Charter

£120 for 2.5 days including lunch

In agriculture and horticulture we care for plants and animals in the context of the farm or garden as a wholeness within bigger ecological systems. This leads to the idea of a farm as an organism with its own organs and where the parts influence the whole and the whole influences the parts . There is one element that is physically present in every organ, every organism, and that is water. In this workshop we will seek a greater appreciation and understanding of water and water quality. We will do this in a direct and experiential way. How does it show itself in the land, how does it reveal its nature in movement and form. We might then ask what is good water ? Can it  be seen as a source of nourishment? as a medicine?

This will inevitably lead on to questions about how we handle water in different  situations but hopefully we can avoid the prescriptive and cultivate a feeling for appropriate ways of working with it. The weekend will include many interactive flow experiments , observations of the way water flows at Huxman’s Cross. There will be a presentations  and discussions on the farm organism and around the idea of a 3 foldness in water.

As far as we know this sort of workshop has not been done before so the whole event will be an experiment . We trust the water will speak a little into this space and we look forward to hearing seeing what it says.  Total cost for this course is £120 which includes simple  and healthy lunches and suppers. To obtain a booking form or for more information contact Sean Murphy or Simon Charter

August 2018


£160 for 3 days including lunches

Making a Clay Oven and Biodynamic Cooking with Gordon Clarke and Wendy Cooke

September 2018

September 2018 - February 2019 
Permaculture Design Course with Marina O'Connell and Bob Mehew

12 days over 6 weekends £720 concessions are available please contact Rachel 

Permaculture Design Course is a part-time, non-residential course that takes place over 6 weekends between September 2018 - February 2019 making it perfect for those wishing to study whilst working or have family commitments. Our course is unique in that is focuses on farm scale permaculture and growing techniques. For more information or to book contact Rachel Phillips or click here


Agroforestry with Professor Martin Wolfe Dates TBC

Agroforestry and how to use it on a farm scale with working examples of many systems in and around the Dartington Hall Estate.


Introduction to Biodynamic Farming and Growing  with Marina O'Connell Dates TBC please note this course will run for 4 days  over two weekends

This course focuses on the principles and practices of Biodynamic systems. 


Permaculture Diploma Apprenticeship Placements 

Marina O'Connell is a tutor for the Permaculture Diploma, if you would like to sign up as her apprentice please contact her directly.  For further information reagrding the Permaculture Diploma please visit the Permaculture Association website.

Biodynamic Apprentices: we are planning to take on 1-2 apprentices please contact ... to find out more about this process.